There are a large number of foods I cannot eat, and the ones I can have to be eaten with consideration of quantity. At first I found it hard – I couldn’t, and still can’t, eat out.

So I decided to experiment in the kitchen. I loved baking as a child, and I knew what was needed to make food work. Why not give it a go? A little bit of this, a little bit of that.

The recipes here use ingredients that I can eat – either unlimited amounts of, or in moderation. As principal, I stick to a strict low FODMAP diet (with moderate amounts of polyol-sorbitol on occasion).

I am also completely gluten intolerant, and avoid high amounts of saturated fats and fructose where I can (hence why most of my recipes avoid coconut oil – it is pure saturated fat, and not good for my bowels! If you want to use coconut oil – I used to – then the choice is yours). My recipes often use a lot of peanuts or walnuts, which are high in fats, yes. However these fats are mostly unsaturated, and I moderate consumption (when possible…).

Enjoy, and get in touch if you have any questions!

Emily x