Hello. I’m Emily.

About this blog

I fall in love with people’s stories – even if you don’t think you have one, you do. I am passioned by the raw the life. It is in the raw we are wholeheartedly reliant on God – sometimes we do that well, and other times not so much.

I’m starting by telling my story and my recent journey. And then, I’m also telling other people’s stories. There is power and victory in testimony.

These are heartfelt truths of struggles and triumphs, of sorrow and joy. They are written with the prayer that they would help and inspire you to be everything God has called you to be – even if you’re not sure what that is right now, or if you even want it.

This is the battle, joy, and relentless pursuit of being more like Jesus every day.

If you’re not a Christian, don’t worry. You can still enjoy my food.

About me

I am a mid-twenties former community journalist turned public sector employee turned unemployed altogether to take time to manage my health.

I am one of those Type A personality creative beings, who was knocked off my feet in shock and surprise when I all of a sudden couldn’t manage life.

I love creating treats and goodies with food ingredients I can actually eat – and you’ll find these recipes here too.

I love dogs too much, and don’t have one of my own. So yes, I’m that lady out running who wants to stop and pet your fluffy hound. I’m sorry.